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Originally Posted by AtreidesMarine View Post
Hi, um I do not want to sound like a jerk but um... I strongly belive that you have very little or no idea what you're talking about.

There is not a snow ball's chance in he'll the 5th Gen's V-6 engine's top end with be even close to the LS1. A 50-60 whp difference between the LLT and LS1 will be in the ball park. Never mind the fact that there is a 300 lbs differenece with a 4th Gen Z28 and the 5th Gen V-6.

I hate to kick this door down, but an error like this needed to be corrected.

Just to throw it out there that I own a 1998 Z28. I've drop mustang GT's (80's to current) and new(er) GT's will take out 5th Gen V-6's, just put this in a perspective manner.

Oh yeah I'm sort of in the same boat as the OP except I havn't ordered mine yet lol
Yes, I've driven both. The V6 camaro once (several 0-80 max acceleration runs, and got it up to 112 at one point), and an LS1 camaro many, many times. My brother in law owns a 1979 camaro and a 1999 camaro, and I've previously owned a 1986 IROC.

I was NOT, and I repeat NOT, trying to say that the V6 camaro is anywhere as fast as an LS1 camaro. What I was saying (if you actually read the thread) is that it FEELS as quick in the top end - similar to how you can take a big truck out and romp on the throttle, feel the pull of the V8 but not actually go anwhere at any advanced rate of speed.
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