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Originally Posted by AtreidesMarine View Post
Hi, um I do not want to sound like a jerk but um... I strongly belive that you have very little or no idea what you're talking about.

There is not a snow ball's chance in he'll the 5th Gen's V-6 engine's top end with be even close to the LS1. A 50-60 whp difference between the LLT and LS1 will be in the ball park. Never mind the fact that there is a 300 lbs differenece with a 4th Gen Z28 and the 5th Gen V-6.

I hate to kick this door down, but an error like this needed to be corrected.

Just to throw it out there that I own a 1998 Z28. I've drop mustang GT's (80's to current) and new(er) GT's will take out 5th Gen V-6's, just put this in a perspective manner.

Oh yeah I'm sort of in the same boat as the OP except I havn't ordered mine yet lol

Oh, it's close. I've been to 146mph in my 1LT, had I had it in manual mode, it would not have shifted into 6th and dropped 4mph. i believe it has a few more mph in it. The LS1 4th gens I've been in have gotten to 155-158mph before topping out. All have been A4. While I don't think the 5th gen would chase it down in my package, RS with 20's, I believe there is more then enough motor there to run it down. Put some 18s on it and let it fly, lol.

Also, I've been in several police package Impalas with the 3.9, as long as there is no roof light bar, all have seen 150-155mph. Takes awhile, lol, it seems, but it gets there.

Also, I'll throw my 1LT against any GT, save the rumored 2011, for topend. The early years you mentioned aren't all the great, the LX models actually being quicker/faster due to weight, and the modern ones aren't much better IMO. As soon as my mother-in-laws Lincoln gets new airbags, it's a MK VII w/ 4.6 dual cam, I'll let ya know how my little v6 fairs against it. I'm also going to throw it against my bro-in-laws 88 GT, with it's M5 and stroker. It's dyno'd over 300 rwhp, so it'll be interesting on the top. He'd kill me on the bottom if he ever got real tires, lol, it don't hook up for shit, lmao

Long story not so short, this LLT compares nicely to the LS1. Does it beat it? No, but it's atleast in the neighborhood!
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