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How did SLP get the name ZL from GM? The ZL-1 is one of the most valuable camaros of all time. And letting another company use the ZL name should not be happening. Chevrolet needs to step up to the plate and use the ZL, COPO names and factory produce these cars for future value to the consumer (US). SLP didn't ad ZR1 to the Corvette, GM did and look at what its worth. All of these aftermarket company's are jumping on the 5th gen ban wagon and killing the history of these camaros. I'm a big camaro fan and own one 1st gen and four 4th gens and will inquire a special 5th gen or two but only if GM produces it, like the Z28. And only if its what they say it will be. GM has all the potential in the world to build these special camaros. Nickey is the only company I see so far that is rewriting the history of these cars and to me SO FAR will be the only camaros that will hold and grow in value. Don't get me wrong.... all the things that I've seen done to these 5th gens are cool but will they ever hold value like a factory built ZL or COPO? If only Don Yenko, Dick Harrell or Fredd Gibb were alive today we would see these cars done the way they should be. SLP to me means aftermarket and a aftermarket ZL is just unheard of.

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