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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
As far as drivers, there are no real amateur drivers at this event. Many run their cars at Pro Touring events around the country. Many of the guys trailer their cars to and from the events and prep them like race cars. The top pro touring cars are more race car than street car. The drivers at this event are dialed in as are their cars.

When Paul/Pedders Camaro was behind us in the warm up laps and out on the track he was very impressive. I can't wait to see the official times. Trailors are for queens, I drove my 1970 Ford Fairlane over 2000 miles from TN and back and competed for a total of 4752 miles. As for dialed in, we just the car complete a week before and had 3 hours of dialed time. As for my 2010 Camaro, we had a great time competing. It was great to have two car in the Challenge!!!! Thanks again for bringing the Pedders Camaro out and watching Paul Tracey drive..
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