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Originally Posted by YancyJohns View Post
Scott from Air Ride/Ride Tech just posted this.....coooool...
Good vid... Nice job on the Fairlane too
Originally Posted by Steve1968LS2 View Post
Your joking about the "shaved tires" deal.. right?

The tire spec included BFG R1, Hoosier R6/A6 ... those tires don't need shaving.. lol -- you can't really complain that cars were running tires that were ok to run in the competition.. Personally I hope they move back to a real "street tire" next year, maybe a 200 treadwear or 100 treadwear like last year.

And it wasn't the fastest Camaro.. at least two '69 Camaros were faster

Both of those '69s aren't "full roll cage cars".. they have roll bars (no cages) but are easily capable of being daily driving. Both the DSE '69 and the Jackass '69 have done long hauls on the Power Tour, so don't make it sound like they are some sort of race cars. That's just not fair.

Oh, can I borrow your driver next year?

Ok, now that I've busted you balls (in good fun).. I will say you car look killer going around that track.. nicely done and you have a VERY nice car!
Bad Penny, absolutely love it! Enough @ss kissin LOL... What did the 1st gen's weigh?
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