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Originally Posted by Steve1968LS2 View Post
Well Stielow is a pro, but he built the yellow '69... I agree about the driver of the Cobra, but I don't know the whole story.. Ryan works for DSE and was within the rules. David Pozzi is the guy that built my suspension. The point made was that you need a good driver to show off a good car.

In any event it was a great time.. you need to be there next time.

Just for the record though.. nobody was on "shaved tires".. sorry, just a pet peeve of mine
Well by pure definition, Paul is in fact a consultant and on the Pedders Payroll. But we were a guest, and wanted no hassles or to show disrespect for this great event, so we volunteered for the to show off only. I would assume no one would be crazy enough to deny Paul's talent. But there were pro drivers out there, who owned and campaigned their rides which is all fine and dandy. We are OK with it. We are just proud and happy to be able to show the world what our Pedders Camaro can do. You were there, and you could see the lines the Camaro could run, and how much control she had thru all driving conditions. For that, we are happy.

It truly is not totally equal in all events. Look at, for example the 0-60-0 event. How can we compete with a 1800lb cobra running 1000 plus hp, monster tires and brakes? We cannot.

So the bottom line is the honor to be present, participate, meet lots of cool car owners and companies, and share respect for the massive amount of craftsmanship, and love of the car biz, and competitive spirit.
for all of this, we are truly thankful

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