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Originally Posted by Kenz Camaro View Post
A couple things I may not have mentioned from last weekend at the donut shop; When Tom Peters was talking to Chip Foose about the fuel fill, it seemed that the reason it needs to be re-located is about safety and it's location relative to the rear wheel. He was motioning how the tire could throw stuff up (rocks?) towards the fill tube and cause some problems. Chip was motioning to move it forward but Tom didn't seem too sure about the location yet. A little smaller diameter and forward might work but I hope they keep it up there and don't put it on the side.
The other thing I heard Tom mention a couple times was how the production sheet metal is "looking really good".
So, if they have some body panels, how close are we really?
Once new sheetmetal is approved I would guess within 6 to 8 months. When my plant switched body styles we were making the new saleable units within that time frame.
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