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Originally Posted by cliffy View Post
OK Dave, I think you need to explain what you mean as far as you produced all the Gen 4 SS's so us neophytes can get our heads around it. Did you take the cars off the line and put your parts on them, then put them back into the GM shipping cue, or did you sell them parts to be installed on the line.

I think I have a hard time coming to grips with the 40k SS's were converted at your shop, but I could be wrong, so edify us
SLP has produced almost 60K vehicles as a second stage manufacturer/Tier 1 Supplier to GM. We produced all 4th Gen Camaro SS's, 1992-2002 Firehawk, 1996-'97 WS6 and a plethora of other specialty vehicles for GM. As a second stage manufacturer of the SS, any Camaro that had the SS RPO code came off the end of the line at GM's St. Therese facility and was trucked a few miles down the road to our facility in LaSalle. Once on our assembly lines, the vehicles were upfitted with the specific SS content (hoods/spoiler/badging/etc..) and any secondary Y2Y optional content. Once finished at SLP, the vehicles were transported back to GM for final QC and distribution.


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