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I'm sorry, but if GM puts out the new 2011 Caramo convertible and it look's anything close to the fit/finish of these two conversions....I'll probably just opt for the coup.:( Hell, after enduring the wait for the vert after watching all the other C5 members enjoying theirs for a whole 2 years sooner I may be so mad as to buy a chally!!

I realize that the after market production of these are probably VERY time consuming and difficult, I still think a better "finish" is needed if I was to consider it; especially for the additional cost involved.

I'm just hope someone in the know would put out some pics and specs on the 2011 vert. If their setting up production equipment for them in Jan 2010, they should certainly have some idea what they'll look like OR when we can expect to see the first one off the production line. Till then, I'll just wait and hope for the best
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