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Headlight Armor Smoked Taillight kit now include FREE backup light pieces too!

Headlight Armor is happy to announce the inclusion of the reverse light pieces in both our smoked taillight kit and our smoked taillight and side marker kit for the 2010 Camaro!

Taillights and Reverse Lights (click photo to view)

Taillights, Side Markers, and Reverse Lights (click photo to view)

All customers who purchased either our smoked taillight kit or our smoked taillight and side marker kit before 11/6/2009 have been contacted with instructions for obtaining a free set of reverse lights pieces. All applicable orders placed after 11/6/2009 have included a pair of matching reverse light pieces.

The pieces for the reverse lights are slightly bigger then the opening in the bumper, which will make the install a little more work, but the end result is a clean look. We should have the stand alone reverse lights on the site Friday for those of you not looking to smoke out your taillights too.
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