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Originally Posted by Matster View Post
I agree completely, GM has said "priced competitively" and I have to think comparitively as well. A solid axle 300hp Mustang GT = 425hp IRS RS/SS Camaro? From website the Mustang prices are as follows; Attachment 7009

Base V6 -----------------------$19,735.00 210hp
V6 Premium ------------------ $21,735.00 210hp
V6 Pony Pk --------------------$22,485.00 210hp
GT------------------------------$26,425.00 300hp
Gt Plus-------------------------$28,375.00 300hp
Shelby GT500 -----------------$42,685.00 500hp
Shelby GT500KR --------------$79,995.00 540hp est.

You decide what you think is realistic, I truly hope and pray that the RS/SS comes in at 29K. I believe, IMHO, it will probably come in somewhere between the GT Plus and the GT500 and closer to the GT500 for the RS/SS. Your definitely getting more than the GT Plus in the SS but you may be getting slightly less than the GT500 with the RS/SS. I say less only from a hp stand point, overall the Camaro brings much more to the table.
No one ever said RS/SS. Keep that in mind; we're talking about a simple SS. RS will be an added-cost option, and ought not to be included.

And yes 30k is realistic; believe it or no. You seem to be under the assumption that hp is directly tied to $$, and that's just not true. They are going to price it competitively with it's competing trim level, not with it's comparative hp. The trim levels are Mustang V6 = Camaro LS, and Mustang GT = Camaro SS.

"A solid axle 300hp Mustang GT = 425hp IRS RS/SS Camaro"

Do you see the value? Do you understand now all the comments about "blowing away the competition"?
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