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Originally Posted by MajorTom View Post
In my experience two engines with the same displacement, one carbed and one fuel-injected, the carbed one gets worse economy simply because it's a less precise method of injection. Fuel is wasted on the way to the combustion chamber.

And throttle response on the street is important and it's 9 times out of 10 going to be better with a fuel injected engine. And with electronic throttle, it's going to be better anyway because throttle tip-in is more progressive and measured and controlled. Just my experience owning a GTO and driving a few muscle cars.

I wouldn't want a carbed car. If I built a muscle car, I'd put an LS motor in it.
You're telling me that throttle response is better on an injected engine? I've never seen that. I don't understand how a physical throttle linkage (pedal down, throttle open) could be slower than computer controlled (pedal down, computer signal travel, throttle open). Sure, we're talking milliseconds here, but even then I don't see EFI being faster.
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