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Originally Posted by American Muscle View Post
I haven't driven the 2010 v6 camaro yet so I can't give you my opinion on whether it has enough power. However, many people try and answer your question by comparing it to cars of old. This brings up a good point that the camaro has a lot of power compared to these cars but is it fair to compare them to cars of old rather than of cars from today? As from what many posts have said you seem to be fairly young as I'm only 22 myself, so i would bet that you have more experience driving newer cars rather than 60's and 70's cars. If i'm wrong than correct me. Most of today's cars are faster than those old car's horsepower's numbers. My old volvo s60 had 250 hp (with a turbo) which is just by looking at hp numbers compares to many of the old camaro's listed in this thread. Now i'll tell ya right now that I thought the volvo had no balls and needed much more hp. I'm not trying to attack old cars cuz shit I love old muscle cars but don't know if you can really compare today's hp numbers to those. The camaro always weighs a lot and have been told that 304 horsepower isn't really that great for the weight. Now like I said i've never driven the car so I can't be the judge, only you can. But to me 304 hp seems like a lot. As stated throughout this thread torque is really the key to how fast a car is gonna feel, especially in your daily driving. It may be cheaper now to get the LT but if your on the fence save up for the 1ss. Thats what im doing. Cuz the last thing you wanta do is spend 25 grand and in a couple of years regret it and wish you had saved up for the ss, just save for what you really want and you can have the car forever, and if the v6 is what you really want than awesome, from what i've read and heard most people love driving it and im sure its a sick car. Just my opinion, hope it helps ya some.
The reason we compare this v6 to cars from the last few decades is that probably the #1 most common reason people will give you for why you should get the v8 is "it's not a real pony car unless it has a v8." That's a reason that's based on history & tradition (from an era when base models were pitifully underpowered), so we compare this v6 to the older v8's to prove that that's not a good enough reason - regardless of how many cylinders it has, it still outperforms many time-honored high performance cars.
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