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Hey guys and TxTurbo...

For the other mods, TxTurbo and I were discussing stickers a while back when the first shirt thread went up. In fact, Dragon,Tran, Moose, and I were discussing stickers over a year ago. I have been begging for stickers FOREVER!!!

TxTurbo, if you can make up a few designs showing us what you have in mind, PLEASE...let's see what you got!

BTW, did you ever get the email w/ the 4 different types? I thought I sent that to you a while back....I forget... I think we were discussing solid colors since we couldn't do a fade, right?

Anyhow, let's see what you have in mind.

These here are the ones we originally started working with. Maybe we can come up w/ a few more designs. Again, I'd LOVE to finally have stickers!

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