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Originally Posted by carguy View Post
Ring away....Like I said they are still taking 2010 orders for v6's

Listen guys ...I am done. If my source wants to come forward you can hash it out with him. He knows whats going on in that me on this one.

I am only passing info that came from a reliable dealer...a Supervisor in Oshawa and my own experience.

I got my two (Both Blown!) one auto one 6 speed, and Loving it. Just feeling bad for my buddy who was just a day or so late. I got two he has none. But I ain't giving mine up.

You believe what you will..I don't know it for fact, but if I was in court right now I think I could convince a jury....

Best of Luck....

You guys can hash this out...and if I am wrong You can Flame away. I can take it. After all I started this thread... CarGuy Out !

Just trying to help a brother out.
Before you run out on us would you be willing to help a little bit with clearing this up, I see from your sig you received your car on 11/10, would you be able to provide your production number (last 5 of your VIN) so we can do the math from there to the 100,000 mark?
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