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Originally Posted by carguy View Post
They will be building 2011's next july or so.

They cuirrently have 19000 cars as sold orders for 2010.. that are not built.

They are building around 480 cars a day six days a week.

Take out do the math.

Your math doesn't add up.

Let's just take the six months from January through June (Nov and Dec will be used as holiday days). There are about 150 production days left.

Building 480 cars per day equals 72,000 cars possibly being built. Now there will probably be some parts shortages that will drop that number somewhat, but nowhere near the 19,000 you quote. Maybe 55,000 to 60,000.

Line changes for existing models (no die changes) usually take no time at all, but they will close the plant for two weeks probably around July 1 (Canada Day) to do the change over with 2011 models being produced the 3rd or 4th week of July and on lots in late August.
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