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Originally Posted by mifbody View Post
Just curious if the owner of a yellow 5th gen with black stripes happens to be on here. I cruise to work every day around 6:45 and almost always end up cruising along side you. I'm usually driving my black Trailblazer LS with a text banner for my website on the back windows. Yesterday, though, I was in my red and black '94 Camaro. We both lined 'em up at the light on 22 and Schoehnerr but while you launched and hooked, I spun hard with my bald tires. Anyway, just curious if you're on here. Wanted to tell you that your car hooked damned good compared to mine! LOL

And if you're not on here - anyone else in the Macomb Twp area? I see two or three almost every single day on my way to or from work. Just wondering how many are in the area on registered on here.
Alfie here. Shelby Twp, 24 and Schoenherr, 2SS/RS Vic Red, 6M.

There is a fellow named Andy who drives a yellow SS and lives in this area. He is on camaro5, but I can't remember his forum name. I met him at a couple of cruises in August and at the Heidebreicht Chevrolet Camaro Rally last Sept. Tall, slender, dark hair, 30ish.
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