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Originally Posted by motorhed View Post
Good points. Let me respond by saying you can get a 2004 C5 Z06 that will probably walk the new camaro pretty well for $28-32K depending on the usual variables. Until the C6 came out, you didn't really have all the glitz and glamour options like navigation, push button start, etc.

How about a really nice used C5 (3250lb) Z06 with every bit of performance for the dollar as possilble for less money than a new SS camaro. I'm not saying that they are the same cars, they are completely different and you're right, different target market but it you start looking at the money for overall performance (not just straight), it's hard to beat a used vette. I dont care or need a back seat, so for some that is a factor.

I'm disapointed because what you call "an average joe car" is not the camaro, that can be a 350Z, Mustang, etc. The Camaro was the vehicle that Chevrolet engineers were really going to spend their time and effort on to make it right. Just sad that these days 3800lbs is the best we can do with a V-8, IRS, and 1000 air bags. It's more of an industry/safety issue rather than a GM issue.

Not nitpicking at all, i think Chevrolet did a wonderful job on the overall execution of the car but i knew the curb weight was going to be a problem given what they were starting with. Cant wait to test drive it and i hope it exceeds my expectations and end up buying one.
My apologies, I completely forgot you were talking about a used Corvette. The only thing I meant about the bolded highlight was the price range. This is an incredibly well engineered car, but GM is going to bring it to us at a price the "average joe" can afford. If I offended you I'm sorry, but I saw you addressing the weight and I immediately felt I had to step in and defend the car I have come to love so much. Hooray for enthusiasts!
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