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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
It is sad that the industry has gotten to this point. We have compacts over 3000 lbs and midzided cars pushing 4000. Safety regulations are now going to conflict with fuel economy regulations, cars will average over 3500 lbs but need to get an average of 35 mpg. Somethings gotta give.

Onto the content of your post . . . what is it that prevents the Camaro from being an 'average joe' car? And based on everything that I've seen and heard, the Chevrolet (and Holden) engineers have spent a lot of time and effort making it right: compare it to the rushed Challenger. ~4200 lbs for 425 hp and a parts bin interior. For nearly $40000, but hit the streets almost a year before the Camaro will. So 3813 lbs and 422 hp at nearly $30 000 with a unique interior for an extra few months of 'getting it right' isn't so bad of a trade off.

Agree with everything there, just wish i could have my cake and eat it too. There is no doubt that handling will meet most people's expectation, but if you ask someone who has driven/owns a newer corvette to drive it; i'm curious as to what their view would be on it. You're absolutely right on the fuel econ/safety regs....i wonder how the industry will work that out..

There is no doubt in my mind either out it's sales potential, it will outsell all of it's competitors without a problem...the rustang may hold in there for a bit if they bump up the power a bit.
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