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Originally Posted by BowtieGuy View Post
You're telling me that throttle response is better on an injected engine? I've never seen that. I don't understand how a physical throttle linkage (pedal down, throttle open) could be slower than computer controlled (pedal down, computer signal travel, throttle open). Sure, we're talking milliseconds here, but even then I don't see EFI being faster.
The fuel injected motor’s advantage is that it can more closely track the amount (mass) of air entering the cylinders and increase the amount of fuel right away. Carbs suck at dealing with changes in load, the accelerator pump helps get it through tip in, but it is still kind of crude.

A drive by wire system might open the throttle a couple milliseconds late, but the more precise mixture control will more than compensate. Assuming of course that the ECM has a reasonably aggressive throttle map.
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