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I'm gonna say I'm just as picky as you when it comes to my car and I've been servicing my car at Buff Whelan (my dad's friend is the service manager). Let me say they have perfect customer service, very helpful and nice people and deal with every single one of my little tiny complaints and handle it in a timely manner. Not once has my car stayed there overnight, and at one point I didn't have a ride to pick it up and all their drivers were out and one of the guys came and picked me up on his break. After the last problem I had with my car was fixed I bought everyone there lunch to show my appreciation.

Rick (the service manager) was joking about me with how picky I am and said they don't mind doing it because they get their money from GM and they're top priority is to make sure everyone's happy which is great. I didn't even buy my car from them but I recommended them to my aunt and she went and bought a new Malibu from them shortly after.
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