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Originally Posted by Matster View Post
You da man Scott I'm gonna print this out and take it with me to the dealer when we do my build. I'll lay it on the desk and every time we add an option I'll tap on the piece of paper and say to the it!

It is really great to have you chime in on the price of the SS as there have been a lot of skeptics, myself included about a price under 40K.
No offense, but if you were "skeptical" at ALL about a price under $40K, you were pretty stupid to begin with. How dumb would you have to be to believe that a Pony car competitor would be sold at the price of a Corvette? Doesn't say much about your intelligence. The base price of the SS is going to under $30k, not even mentioning $40k, and if you're off by a factor of 33% you don't know a lot about cars.
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