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Originally Posted by edog View Post
OK, here is my rant!

I go in to order my car back in October 2008. I am their first order. I get hit with a 2500 markup. I keep looking and find a different dealer (Luck Chevrolet in Ashland Va) who is ordering and selling the car at MSRP. I call Radley, they took less than 1 minute to call back and tell me to come pick up my deposit. I did, and water under the bridge.
They are 5 minutes away from my home, so I start taking in to them for service instead of driving 50 minutes to my dealer. I take it to them for my ambient lighting and a clunking noise from the front when I back up on a slope or turn the wheel from a stand still. The lights on the two panels do not match. They replace the light because the service manager was not listening. Afterwords the same issue. They say "sorry, you are just being to picky". We are not going to fix it. If GM denies the claim they will be out the money. I call GM and they call my original dealer and want me to take it back there. Radley also told me they told me they did not heae any noise in the front. So I say, "it will break, and I will be back then".
I choose not to take it back to Radley Chevrolet in Fredericksburg Va. There service department is too big to take care of people properly. They just do not listen. So, I need an oil change now. I call my dealer (luck Chevrolet in Ashland VA) and schedule for maintenance. I bring WKDFIRE in and drop it off. I inform them of the issues I have been having and they state they will check it for me.
Here is the big difference in service. Luck Chevrolet asked me questions to determine root cause. They asked me to come back to the bay to make sure the issue was what they thought it was, and they ordered the parts to fix it when they could not see any reason why it was not right. The clunking noise has a PI from GM, so they ordered two struts, and will install them when they arrive. The ambient lighting was not acceptable to them, and after verifying the issue and checking the light tube for proper seating they determined it must be the panels. They ordered them as well and will install them as well.
Radley gets an "F" for there dealership from start to finish in my book. I was talking to a person in the parking lot three days ago. I came out of Bloom and a guy with two kids were circling WKDFIRE like buzzards checking it out. I remote started it, and you just saw the grin go across his face and the kids just said "whoa"! He was talking to me saying he was looking into purchasing one. He just went to Radley Chevrolet in Fredericksburg VA and they would not let him test drive it. They told him they just do not let people test drive the Camaros and Corvettes. They told him if he wanted to order one he could get MSRP pricing, but if he wanted to buy the one on the lot with 800 miles on it he would need to pay 2500 markup.
The guy was disgusted with them and reserved to the fact it was not time to buy a Camaro. He would stick to his trucks he is accustomed to. I informed him about Camaro5 and CamaroScotty. I also informed him about Jim Hogge at Luck Chevrolet. I told him Radley Chevrolet in Fredericksburg Va is a poor dealership in all aspects, and by shifting where he shops he should have a renewed faith in GM. I let him check out the car and I went home.

I just do not understand why some dealerships will see a problem and not fix it. I had a discussion with Karen Radley herself. I guess it is how she wants the dealership to run. I know it is successful, but at the cost to it's customers. Radley Chevrolet in Fredericksburg Va is in it for the money only, and the customer service is very lacking. Good luck and good riddance. I will not be going back unless my car is required to be towed there due to it being the closest spot from where it dies!
Things like this erks me. A similar situation happened to me at Jerry Chevrolet in Leesburg. I brought my car in to fix the issue with the radio firmware/software upgrade since my iPhone wasn't being detected as I attach it to the usb port. Anyways, Camaro5 member Lectra70 took her same issue to Pohanka Chevy and they fixed it. So I informed Jerry's Chevy of the fix and they said "Go to Pohanka since they fixed it before." Whoa???

I'd be better off had I brought a 10+ yrs old car so that they can overhaul the drum-braking system.

At least they could have told me the truth and that it wasn't in their best interest to file a service report and to get off their fat ass to research what Pohanka Chevy figured out.

Wow. Thanks man. That's why your dealership is closing, short-timer!

It's annoying as hell that people like that give the GM product a bad name. THIS is why people buy imports. If you have individuals that have that attitude building, selling, and servicing your car, then the product will suffer image wise. I mean look at BMW, I am sure everyone knows that they fly their customers to Germany to pick up their car.

Needless to say I just walked out and didn't look back. I will say this, if I see the same individuals at another establishment I will give them a bad review. I'll walk out again.
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