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That 2010 Red Camaro, Rich Stokes, Status Customs Camaro looks rediculously fat in the rear, lol, and not in a good way, its like someone stuck a pump into it and just inflated it, i love the whole muscle car comeback but i still dont like the customs people are doing, they make them look bloated or tuner-ish...the first one looked okay but its way too low and i hate the Camaro ground-effects package...also people were asking where the Leno Camaro was and why it wasnt included personally i wasnt too impressed with that one either, i mean okay so it has a custom hood and a few minor additions here or there and then it has a turbo V6, its not really anything unique its just a Camaro with a few mods, lol...i do think its funny that everyone thought that was a Z/28 concept though LOL
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