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Originally Posted by N.H.SS View Post
Any test results to back up these kits?
W have done a very serious amount of testing on the back end. We even sent an entire sub frame assembly to our engineers in Au. This cost a ridiculous amount of money, but when you are Au. based, you deal with it. We have all the engineering data on the rear end, which for drag racing, is the most important area. We know what moves and what does not. We know what the torque limitations are of every component.

When you launch, especially with drag radials, there is an emense amount of stress on all of the components. Our drag bushing kits exceed the what you can do.

We have tested our Pedders Camaro for track use. We will find an agressive drag racer to confirm what we know. We do know the value of the actual test and run.

We will search for a candidate for to show our performance.

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