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Originally Posted by fixxxer525 View Post
Hey JusticePete, question with Forgeline, I was told by forgeline I have to run a spacer in order for my wheels to fit the Camaro, the wheel size is 20x10.5 with 295/35/20 Nitto INVO. Due to the "reverse mount" of the 20x10.5 wheel, if I want to eleminate the spacers, I have to run 10" wide wheel. I know your Pedders Camaro run 19x10.5, did you have to add spacers? I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and sacrifice 1/2 inch just so I don't have deal with dumb spacers. By the way, I was (past tense) going to run 20x10.5 all the way around. The other option I was given is the step lip outter but thats not the look I'm after. Performance wise, yes the step lip would be better. But I'm also going after the look and the option of step lip outter would make it look "cheesy". If you don't have an answer, anyone? Trying to figure out this wheel and tire combo is a PITA and its becoming very fustrating.
Forgeline did a spectacular job with the fitment. My wheels do not use spacers.

To make sure I reply properly, tell me if you would be running a spacer in both the front and rear, just the front or rear?
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