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Originally Posted by CMCVette View Post
Please, Chevy: YES, SHRINK IT - Go one smaller than the Mustang, even! One of the Mustang's problems is its size & weight - these pony cars need to get back to their roots size-wise, go on diets, & get the word "nimble" added into the handling descriptors!
Um, when the hell was a pony car 'nimble'? The original Camaro (probably the lightest?) weighed in at 3145lbs. The new Camaro will probably weigh in around 3700lbs but it will have way more power and grip.

What would you gain by having such a small light car with a LS engine in it? Weird balance, that's what.

I want the Camaro to be light (like the rest of us!) but I DON'T want it to be small (I am tall afterall!)

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