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Our engine builder, Wegner Motorsports, built a similar engine that produced over 700HP, the only difference being a bigger cam, some head work and FAST intake. Though 700 HP is kind of cool.. presents problems. Our car is a auto, so we had to take in consideration what the torque convertor and trans could handle, Though both are modified, there is no real data available for this setup. This car is kind of a test mule. We were glad to see the torque numbers, as the new Camaro is very heavy.

Often times, in an effort to impress the buying public, builders throw a lot of HP/TQ at a car, and rather then spend the time and money to do the R&D, then fix things as they break. We felt better to go the other way, start conservative, play with the tune, and as we see what works, and what the car can handle, go from there. We wanted a car we could enjoy on the street /strip, not in the shop.

When you buy most other tuner cars, you have little or no choice in the build of the car, it is what they want it to be. On the other hand, one of the neat things about having Nickey Chicago build your car is you decide what they build.

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