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Originally Posted by syc View Post
No numbers game being played here. Unlike some who just throw numbers around, like 700HP, 1000HP, 1800HP, 700RWH, I posted real numbers. I could have lied, who would have known, but why? I am not ashamed of my numbers, Wegners built what I wanted, a 427 with modest (user friendly) HP and TQ numbers. I did not need another collector or race car, I have those. This one is a driver.

But, since you are into numbers, here are a few to ponder. At the annual Supercar Reunion Labor Day, there were a half dozen or so Nickey built 2010 Camaros at the track, including 427NA, turbo, supercharged, turbocharged, Procharger and stock with a mild tune. And not only did they race, they were driven to and from the track, some driven the 200 mile trip from Chicago to Collinsville.

At the recent MCACN show, there were 8-10 Nickey equipped 2010 Camaros there, from 6 cylinder to twin turbo, Procherger, 427NA, the Pedders track car, etc. Most driven from the shop to the show.

While a few tuners are working on their prototypes, others just blowing about the "numbers" their soon to be released Camaro will have, Nickey is busy building some really neat, user friendly cars, from mild to wild, that the masses can afford and enjoy, and enjoy today.
I did not call or insinuate anyone was playing a game - the reference to numbers game reers to a 427ci engine make 500hp when the same can be achieved with heads and a cam - then they other guy said well i wanted a 427 because it is a 427 like the '69 car.

no harm meant
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