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I've seen the arabic market version of it in person. It's called the Chevy Lumina here. They have an SS version too. I think it looks pretty nice. The interior is outstanding. You can see it on The G8 is scheduled to replace the Grand Prix. Hopefully they do release a new GTO. It isn't a Firebird/Trans Am, but at least it's a Pontiac. I like the added touch of luxury that they have. They will certainly have the same options in the Camaro though, so if no two-door Pontiac is released, it's obviously my pick. Same goes if the said Pontiac is butt ugly. Either way I win hehe! Also on a side note: GM High Tech Performance did an article on the G8. It's tuned for 362HP...on REGULAR 87 OCTANE. You could probably get 20 just by doing a simple dyno tune for premium fuel.
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