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New owner here, to share my ABM story. I heard from a friend who drives by a dealer that they had a Camaro in the lot, it was sunny out, so I said "What the heck" and went to take a gander. Thats it, I just wanted to see it in person. They had an RS and an ABM 2SS with white rally stripes parked right next to each other; I have no idea what color the RS was, cause the ABM was so awesome. I looked, and I looked, and I drove, and I looked, and looked some more, and I bought it. I only went to look, but that engine and that color made me make my most expensive impulse buy ever! No regrets so far, but I wonder if it was any other color would I still have bought it. The interplay of colors, the deep blue with surprise flashes of green and the metallic flake, just awesome! I have to believe that the consensus here is right, the color just doesn't reproduce well, but in person it is so fantastic I was shocked to hear they canceled it. Oh well, their loss. I recommend anyone on the fence about this color find a dealer who has one in inventory before it is too late!
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