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Originally Posted by JANNETTYRACING View Post
As much as is availible based on Mods.

In other words, if the engine can produce 350 ft. lb. at 3000 then 70 more will be available with torque management turned off.

I understand what you are saying that with mods and a stock tune, you are limited to 280 lbs torque. What I'm asking is by turning off torque management on a totally stock ls3 freeing up any torque that tm is limiting. For example if a stock ls3 is making 290 lbs torque but tm is limiting it to 280, just tuning out tm frees up 10 lbs torque. (Just pulling numbers out of the air for an example) Thanks for the info. I've been wrenching cars for 34 years, mostly when I was younger, but this is all new to me. Didn't have to worry about computer controlled cars back then.
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