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Originally Posted by Hopper View Post
That's the problem. The color doesn't reproduce well online. It's even hard to reproduce with photography without the right lighting. As a result, customers were not beating down the dealers door for it because they couldn't see it first. With regard to dealers, they have some experience with this color on Impala, HHR and Colorado. As Rockmont says, simply blah on an Impala or HHR due to the rounded corners that don't allow the metallic effect to shine through. Looked good on Colorado, but not many out there to see either. Dealers simply didn't want to take the risk on a stock order in ABM when they were turning the other colors so well.

In addition, Oshawa has a limited number of colors it can have in the plant due to infrastructure constraints. When they added Summit White over the summer, they had to get rid of another. Although it has caught up a little recently, the low runner at the time was ABM by a long shot. Contrary to rumor, ABM was NOT killed to put in Synergy Green. Adding Summit White killed ABM. Synergy Green is a "one-off" which the plant can still do in low volumes as a special edition without disrupting normal production. The fate of ABM was sealed around the time of the 2009 GM Nationals in Carlisle, PA...well before Synergy Green was even in the plan. Trust me, I work for GM and know the straight scoop.

Bottom line, the best color on the Camaro (IMO) got the ax early for 2 reasons. Low early natural customer demand and lack of dealer interest in creating a market for it. Can't blame customers or dealers for it. Was just hard to market this color without seeing it in person. GM designers had high hopes for this color. In fact, a lot of the early concept sketches were done in this color. Two are shown below.

For those of us lucky enough to have one, including me, it all adds up to a rare car and an instant classic in 20 years for those that hold on and take care of them.

Summit White did not kill ABM... Summit White was always in the plan. The plan was to add SW when the Impala line added it as well. Scott (fbodfather) said himself that a low volume color will get cut and replaced period... that's how it works. ABM was the lowest, done. IF SW killed it, it would have been gone prior to SW becoming available.

I do agree with you on the part about it not getting out there or marketed the way it needed to be by GM or dealers. I have not had a single negative comment on the color everyone tells me it's the best color they have seen hands down. I am glad to have the rarity of it now.
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