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Originally Posted by SilverTurtle View Post
something I've said before that I pray to God will happen for this car:

GM has done alot of testing and tuning for different variants of the new Camaro... GM doesn't have to offer a Z28 and get all of the certifications done for a production car... offering all of the parts to make your own Z28 through the GMPP aftermarket branch of GM could easily justify the time and effort of testing and tuning the car and the equipment... and save GM a HUGE investment by not having to bring the car fully to market.

so my question to everyone is this:
if your local Chevy dealership offered a $7500 package that included the supercharger, a computer flash for said supercharger, a set of stiffer springs and some nifty Z28 badges, would you buy it?
would you have the dealership install it? or would you install it yourself?
would you be more interested in this package if it were to carry a 36month/30,000mile warranty if installed by a GM certified install technician?
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Originally Posted by FbodFather
In light of the recent comments concerning Camaro, and the increased excitement as it finally comes to market, please take a moment and read the following closely;

Remember- "It ain't ready 'til it's ready!" Just because we show it to you early, doesnít mean itís ready.
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