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Pro Clip came through after some nudging

I bought 4 items from Pro Clip last week for over $120 total. The items arrived on December 4.

I see this week they are running a 10% off for December. I called to ask if they would be so kind as to refund the 10% to my order (which was less than a week old) and they said "no, you didn't order it after December 4."

Edit: I then emailed ProClip and I got a reply back 2 days later (today). Now they've decided they WILL give me a 10% refund.

By the way, thanks to those of you who posted below. I agree that 10% isn't a huge amount. It seems to me that for them to refund it is a small amount to them too and having just said "yes" in the first place would have been good customer service. In the end, they did the right thing by me. I'm happy. I wanted to make sure I amended my original post to reflect this.

By the way, they do make a very good product. I do like how it works.

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