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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I bought 4 items from Pro Clip last week for over $120 total. The items arrived on December 4.

I see this week they are running a 10% off for December. I called to ask if they would be so kind as to refund the 10% to my order (which was less than a week old) and they said "no, you didn't order it after December 4."

Now I've done this before and any good vendor with decent customer service would have been glad to do this to keep a customer. I know it's only $12, but their stuff is so overpriced as it is that I'm sure they'd still have been making money.

Ok let me get this straight.

- You made an order BEFORE the sale was announced for items that you obviously thought was priced good enough to buy.

- You received the items BEFORE the sale was announced.

- You was happy with the order and the price you paid for a WEEK until you found out about a sale that started AFTER you received your items.

And you complaining because you didn't get the sale price.

Sorry bud but I have to agree with the vendor on this one. If you came into my store with items you bought a week ago before a sale started asking for a refund for the difference you would have been told "No".

I smell a troll here who is simply wanting to cause trouble:troll:
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