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Vendor/Sponsorship Info and List for the 1st Annual Official Camaro5 Fest.

Becoming a Vendor/Sponsor for the 1st Annual Official Camaro5 Fest includes the following:
  • Your company's logo on all Banners,T-shirts and Print Materials. Also you can add the logo shown above to your forum signature and your personal website.
  • As much vendor space as you need to display your products and or services. Whether it be a small table or multiple cars.
  • You will also have the opportunity to raffle off your products or services, for charity. The Charity will be announced at the event.(All Vendors/Sponsor will be notified what the charity is upon signup).
  • Free admittance to the driving portions of the Fest and 3 free meals.
  • Commerative Official Camaro5 Fest Sponsorship Plaque.
  • You also have the chance to give back to, as we do not charge for any vendor to advertise on this site.

If you would like detailed information on becoming a sponsor please PM 1320junkie or GTAHVIT.

Current Sponsors include:
  1. MTI Racing
  2. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE)
  3. Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE)
  4. Livernois Motorsports
  5. Vengeance Racing
  6. Matt Berger Chevrolet
  7. Tom Henry Racing (THR)
  8. Flowmaster Mufflers
  9. Gary's Customs
  10. Unrestricted Motorsports
  11. Pedders Suspension
  12. R2C Performance
  13. AAC Style
  14. Barton Industries
  15. Late Model Speed (LM Speed)
  16. Extreme Memorabillia
  17. VPM Tuning
  18. Swansor (Camaro5 Forum Member)
  19. Michael's Maro (Camaro5 Forum Member)

Items up for Raffle(so far):
  1. Exhaust Systems
  2. Lighting Systems
  3. Halo's
  4. 5th Gen Custom Hoods
  5. 5th Gen Ground Effects and Body Kits
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