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Originally Posted by JBz007 View Post
Rice? I suppose Ferrari's and Lamborghini's are rice too? People can love or hate this but rice it is not. Just a different interpretation of the Camaro's styling. I love it but that's just my opinion.
Actually everything designed on them is fully functional. All the scoops and body characteristics are purposeful. Lambos have the scissor doors because the models that have the steep angle leading edge on the front door that allows the dash area to be over the front wheels to offset the rear weight of the engine is neccessary to allow the doors to open. So basically its not cosmetics at all its because the Engine layout, affects the weight distribution therefore the interior has to be pushed forward to counteract it and then because of that the door are basically pushed as far to the front wheels as possible which causes the steep door angle which must have an alternate hinge system. Thats not rice, putting lambo doors on a Camaro is rice.
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