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Originally Posted by SS4EVER View Post
Yeah. Unless the transmission in a G8, was a dual-clutch transmission, like what I believed are used in the Audi/VW's DSG/Triptronic transmission, or from BMW's or Mercedes, those transmissions have a much better feeling when up-shifting/down-shifting.

The transmission on the G8 is still basically just an "automatic transmission" with a computer controlled manual shifting system. I've driven them on a few cars, G6 Coupe, Lincoln LS V8, Lincoln MKS etc and my car's a stick and there's no comparison.

So yeah I'm sure when the Hydramatic "auto" comes over to the Camaro it'll be more refined...
+1 Didn't an engineer, in the NBC special, comment on calibrating the transmission in the V8 car? I could've swore I read that they're going to be calibrating the TapShift to be able to hold that gear at redline. Hmmm... now I have to find it.
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