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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
are you talking true side pipes that run the whole way down the side of the car dumping in front of the tires or just a side exit exhaust that just has the tips sticking out like the mustangs have on some of thiers?
Since I said side pipes, I should clarify - I'm thinking what you typed. I want more side exit like on Roushs

I suppose you could fab' up some heat shields but you still loose ground clearance. You could find some flat pipe like they use in NASCAR (boomtubes?) so that may be an option. The more I think about it, one could possilby either keep the little resonators and just run the pipe out the sides... Hmm... Replace the resonators with some bullets (like they do with the Borla-mouth and such) and POW, there ya' go.
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