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Hey I picked up my 2010 camaro 1LT in May and almost 700 miles or so I started noticing the same popping noise in the front suspension when going over speed bumps ever so slowly! You can't drive these cars faster then 5mph over the speed bumps or you might get a herniated disc! I brought the car to the dealer and the same story, can't duplicate the noise. So I figured i'll drive slower over bumps! And another issue I have is going over some of the small bridges we have out here in Az. that average about 100 ft. or less because my car bobs like a seasaw front to back but it seems as if it's the front on 1 side then the back to the oposite side of the car! I mention the legnth of the bridge becacause at the average speed here at 45 mph. the car will bob about 3-4 times! I'm looking at other cars to see how they're moving and they bop at the start and the end of the bridge. Then I brought the car in to another dealership exactly 2 months later. The noise would come & go but now I'm worried there's a real problem but they couldn't duplicate the problem and I'm thinking whose nuts here? You all have me hoping this can be resolved. There's stregnth in numbers! Make copies of all responding to this subject page for your complaint & proof to your dealer and for the" record" if It becomes a leagal issue in court if need be. My wife worked for lawyers and says keep records on all important matters! Sorry for the long of it! Artie
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