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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Nobody is asking for a manual transmission (which a Porsche, M3 and F1 has). Just get the computer to upshift or downshift the auto tranny at the point we want. Pretty simple really.

You might beat me with the stick in a drag race but i'd serve you up on a plate in auto-X with a good paddle shift set-up.
A paddle with a torque converter is never going to be as crisp as you seem to want, besides it would be fun try at auto cross, and by the way not a big fan of drag racing. There might be an aftermarket for the manual trannies to give them better shifts possibly a reprogram for the computer aswell who knows.
Ps. I'd race you anytime, it would be fun to see how this turns out in the real world. By the way you'd probably kick my ass in either car doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun.
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