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I had an idea based on a thread I saw the other day.

A company on here is making an LED tail light that has the sequential feature, as well as a show feature. Well the piece is shaped like the inside of the tail light housing. I was thinking, what if you were to put that piece inside the housing, maybe an inch or so from the red lens on the outside, and behind it you put a bulb in that doesn't have the two filliments so it doesn't get brighter when you hit the brakes. So whenever you have your parking lights turned on, the bulbs will be on low light, but the LED piece will be blocking most of the light, allowing it to only show at the bottom and around the sides Then when you hit the brakes, the LEDs on that piece come on. Presto, you have an afterburner kit.

Any thoughts? It's kind of hard to explain without being able to show you guys what I mean so hopefully I explained it correctly.

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