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I think that i know how to do it, But its a lot of work on the first link is the thread i started, I made one but in parts is like is $50 per light and almost 5 man Hr so i think that is a lot of work for most.

First thing is to open the tail light and remove the outer and inner lens, The inner lens is clear and needs to be cut to the shape of a 3/8 moon and then get a tint that is 20% to cover the moon shape, Next you need to get a new red LED bulb like this one.

Now the bulb is one that i found at the Truck stops i tried the one you can get at auto supply stores but all of them are to long for what you want.

I had to do some work on the ones you see as it had 4 contacts and we need the bulb to only work on the two, The high beams or power and the second two are the ones that give the side light that go's to the part that i made to hold all the rest of the lights, As of right now i have over 20 lights in this and i will post some new pics soon.

This was the first time i did it and not to bad but i used the longer bulb and a round mount for the rest of the lights.

Running lights.

Stop light.

But after this pic came out i redid the hosing to look closer the the concept, See the pics.

So this was next after a new hosing, This is the running lights

And this is the brake lights.

So what do you think so far?, Look i did all this by my self and a lot of more things but i need parts as and i can only do so much at one time.

Dos any one have some tail light lens that is what i need to finish it up as it takes all 4 lens.

One mor thing is you also need the LED Load Equalizers
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