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Camaro Convertible Antenna?

Why does the convertible have a horse whip antenna? IMO I truly believe GM should integrate the AM/FM antenna into the body since it takes away from it's looks, but why don't they?

I saw a 2002 Ford Thunderbird (Which has a removable top) in a parking lot and noticed it didn't have a mast antenna. I was looking at it close to see how they did it and discovered how. It had a thin wire going down the center of the windshield which I assume was a window grid antenna. I said to myself that was a smart idea. The Corvette Convertible also has an integrated AM/FM antenna, I don't know where they put it but it looks so much better without it. Some cars even integrate the AM/FM antenna into the rear spoiler.

So why can't you do for the Camaro Convertible GM? People will have to spend thousands more for the convertible, I don't think it would cost you too much to do. I mean everyone here complains about the Shark Fin on the Coupe, but I think this horse whip antenna for the convertible looks far worse.

Just posted this to see what people thought about it, I would like input from people with more knowledge than me on the subject. For you guys that wanted the Camaro Convertible however I found a cool mod you can do if you want to get rid of the antenna, found here:

I know it's a Mustang Convertible, but I would assume the process is similar.
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