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Originally Posted by gunslinger View Post
I've said it before and I will say it again... slapping a supercharger on an engine not designed for it can only cause problems later on down the road. Even the cast pistons in the LSA are a liability.

Unless the Z28 package w/ the S/C includes a set of forged pistons, the reliability that I want from a FULL production Z/28 will keep from buying this package. Or a full warranty to 100K when buying this package...

For the price of a GMPP package, I could rebuild the LS3 for forced induction and still have money left in the bank. I have NEVER liked the reliability aspect of slapping a S/C onto a motor designed for N/A. I understand that it has been done in the past, but that does not make it the right decision.
But, if that's the hand we're dealt, then that's what we have.
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