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Originally Posted by Aristomones View Post
Hey Guys Artie in Az. I bought a pair of Infity 6x9's for my camaro and I removed every panel overlaping the rear deck panel to lift it off and it's not happening? The way it appears would seem that it would come right off!! I pulled all the clips off that I could find and it still will not come off. The speakers are sandwhiched between the plastic covering and the metal deck! What a PIA! If I push up from under the deck it only moves up at the center. $140.00 for the speakers so I thought I'd save money DIM.Any Ideas ? Thanks
Check out post #7 in this thread:

It sounds like you are on step #8, which the OP described as "a big pain". I hope his description of the step helps you. I will be installing dynamat and replacing the door and rear speakers this weekend. I will provide an update when I am done.
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