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Originally Posted by P. Ham View Post
Price is good. nUcLeArEnVoY, do you have your car yet? If so, please take some pics installed when you get it. I'm itchin' to pull the trigger but I wish I could see it on a different car first. Doubt I'll be able to wait though.
Unfortunately, no... I don't even know why the hell I am buying parts for a car I haven't even ordered yet, LOL! I've got this and I'll be having a cowl hood coming.

I guess it gives me more motivation to keep going for it? I'm damn close, I'll tell you that much.

You should just pull the trigger if you ask me. Afterall, how bad could it be? I figured that it could look only better on a car without ground effects to overshadow it (no offense to you or anything, I just don't personally like ground effects). Not to mention, unlike the rest of that car's bodywork, that spoiler looks exceptionally fitted.
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