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Angry BA Bass??? Where is it????

Sooooo, my question is, why the HELL did Chevy build such an Awesome car, sure-to-be a collector/classic in the years to come, contract with Boston Acoustics for a premium sound, and make is turn out to completely SUCK?!?!?! That absolutely BLOWS MY MIND. In fact, I took my car back to the dealer a few days after delivery because I thought maybe the rear "subs" weren't even plugged in!! Talk about disappointment. I have a suspicion there was a major reason (i.e. $$$) why we had the "option" of purchasing severely overpriced MTX subs/amp when ordering the car: they KNEW the BA bass was non-existent, and they wanted you to spend the extra money. (BTW a car audio/tint shop here in town had the Exact same MTX speaker/amp combo in their shop for X-mas special of $299.) Why cheap-shot us like this when they did such an amazing job on the rest of the car??? Ok...well, maybe they cheaped us on the dash ABL but I'll save that rant for later lol. Yes, I'm throwing up the BS flag here. Oh well, I guess I'll go old school and do the d*mn speakers myself. Grrrrrrrrr *that's me growling at Chevy*
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