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Lightbulb Let's Talk About ZMax Oil Treatment a Moment.

Hi Everyone,...
I tend to watch the Speed Channel a lot, I watch Bullrun, Super Bikes, Pass Time, Super Car, Wrecked, Jacked and many others,... You know, Mostly the series when they're running new ones.

Anyway they Advertise the ZMax Oil Treatment All The Time During some of these shows, It's a micro-lubricant that soaks into metal of where ever your using it. If you use it in your engine you have to put more back in every 6000 miles.

Has anyone ever use this stuff, Sure I've read their Web site, their FAQ's and their Testimonials.

What ever happen to Slick 50? I remember about 15 Years ago or so,... Slick 50 Was the Talk of the Town and now you don't ever hear anything about them,... Or at least I dont anymore is ZMax going to Turn in to another Slick 50 in 10-15 years?

But then again I think Slick 50 and ZMax are 2 totally Different Products Anyway. I was just using Slick 50 as an Example.

So what are your thoughts on ZMax Products?
I have a 2SS on order and I've been thinking about using their products and wanted to if anyone has used any of the ZMax Products Before or Know anything about them First Hand before I started to use them myself.

Thanks for stopping by and for your input.

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